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UNDP-UKRI High Level Dialogue: The SDGs and a New Generation of Inequalities
18 Feb 2020 -  As we enter in the Decade of Action, there is an urgent call for accelerating efforts towards achieving the SDGs. This will be a journey of discovery if we are to address the most complex challenges of our time while seizing the opportunities that are opening up in the 21st Century.
This demands new science, finance and policy alike. Inequality is one of these defining challenges of our time, as the 2019 Human Development Report shows some gaps are closing, as more people have access to basic education, health and technology, but new inequalities are emerging in areas like tertiary education and access to broadband. 
These new inequalities – under the shadow of the climate crisis and technological change— demand new approaches to policies at national and global levels. If unchecked, they could trigger a “new great divergence”. UNDP and UKRI-GCRF recognize that development and research will need to look radically different and are committed to helping the transition. As UNDP and UKRI-GCRF forge a partnership centered on achieving Agenda 2030, we want to cultivate a better understanding of what the future could look like. 
Objectives: This high-level discussion opens the UNDP-UKRI GCRF Knowledge Partnership workshop, and as such it will serve to inspire participants regarding the importance of the policy-science dialogue, using inequality as a specific and important example.