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United Nations peacekeeping operations: strengthening triangular cooperation - Security Council, 8570th meeting
10 Jul 2019 -  "Strengthening triangular cooperation"

Improving cooperation between the Security Council, the Secretariat and troop- and police-contributing countries (TCCs/PCCs) – “triangular cooperation” – would be particularly valuable in promoting a better understanding between these actors and ensuring a close link between the policy setting and realities on the ground.

TCCs/PCCs have a strong role to play in providing reliable and relevant information on the realities of implementing and delivering peacekeeping missions to decision makers in New York. They often have an understanding of the social and political environments of a particular conflict, based on their experience from operations on the ground, particularly given the complex and insecure environments in which they are asked to operate.

In short, triangular cooperation is in the interest of all parties, as it has an impact on the credibility, prestige and efficiency of the peacekeeping operation and, by extension, on the validity of multilateralism. The participation of the TCCs/PCCs in the preparation of the mandates of peacekeeping operations can be a useful tool for obtaining more effective results on the ground.