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Youth and Women as Drivers of Change: From Civic Engagement to Decision-Making
28 May 2019 -  Vibrant and inclusive civic movements, with women and youth at the forefront, have proven key to promoting genuine dialogue and positive social transformations. Gender equality stands as an essential cross cutting issue across all sectors and domains of civil activism and political participation. The UN Secretary-General has highlighted the positive role of women and youth as holders of a vast source of ideas, solutions and innovation, while stressing the need to expand avenues for their greater engagement in building and sustaining peace, justice and development. Considerable data generated in recent years comes to testify that societies benefit immensely when women and youth have access to resources and are equally empowered to participate in civil and political processes. The event in the form of a round table discussion will examine the patterns of peaceful transformations and reforms and look into the role of the civil society and civic movements in building mature and resilient democratic institutions, where human rights, justice and accountability are at the center. Discussions will also explore collaborative models of governance, which promote civic engagement and meaningful participation of women and youth across policy space and decision- making, at multiple levels.