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Consideration of lraq (Cont'd) - 498th Meeting 22nd Session Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
11 Sep 2019 - 
Delegation of Iraq
1. Farooq Ameen Othman, Minister of Justice/ Head of Delegation
2. Kamil Ameen Alsayd Noor, Ministry of Justice
3. Mohammed Turki Abbas, Ministry of Justice
4. Saif Sami Al-Bayati, Ministry of Justice
5. Sami Ameen Othman, Ministry of Justice
6. Adel Hashoosh Alhatemi, Ministry of Labour and Social
7. Kareem Hafedh Al-Dahlaki, Ministry of Labour and Social
8. Qoamak LLadi Al Dayan, Ministry of Education
9. Zuhair Mohammed Abdullah, Ministry of Education
10. Dindar Farzanda Zebari, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
11. Mansoor H.K Mohamedsaleh, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
12. Dlshnd Qader Azeez, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
13. Kanar Fadhil Alhusseini, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
14. Badralidin Tofiq Bakir, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
15. Nazanin Salah Alabasi, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
16. Khaleel Sulaiman Hussein, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)
17. Huda Jawad Al-Saedi, Iraq’s Cabinet
18. Saad Ali Al-khulaifawi, Ministry of Defence
19. Imad Hayder Jihad, Ministry of Migration and Displaced
20. Abdulnaser Kamil Anbagi, Ministry of Health
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