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Judge Donoghue (ICJ) on Lawyering for Peace (Part I)
19 Jul 2012 -  Judge Joan E. Donoghue, International Court of Justice

"Lawyering for Peace (Part I)"
This is a two-part lecture designed for professionals who advise governments on international legal questions or who are interested in doing so. Its purpose is to provide an introductory overview of the ways that States can settle disputes peacefully by involving a third-party. Part I begins by discussing four questions that are necessary to conducting a careful “diagnosis” of the dispute. It then covers one mechanism for third-party dispute resolution: mediation. Part II continues the discussion and covers “inquiry” or “fact-finding missions”, adjudication in international courts or tribunals, and arbitration. The lecture also points to resources that may be available to assist States in third-party dispute resolution. The objective is to offer some introductory ideas and information to help lawyers assemble the necessary set of tools to make them more effective when it comes to addressing a particular dispute, whether as a foreign ministry lawyer or an outside advisor.