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Judge Yusuf (ICJ) on the Notion of Cultural Heritage in International Law
17 Jun 2008 -  Mr. Abdulqawi A. Yusuf, Director, Office of International Standards and Legal Affairs, UNESCO

"The Notion of Cultural Heritage in International Law"
This lecture explores the background to the introduction of the notion of “cultural heritage” in international law and analyzes the evolution of its scope and normative content as more legal instruments were adopted in the past thirty years on different aspects of cultural heritage. It also addresses the relationship and complementarities among different categories of cultural heritage (e.g. tangible, intangible and underwater cultural heritage) dealt with in various legal instruments most of which were elaborated and adopted in UNESCO. The legal effects of the interpretation and application of these instruments and the extent to which they have contributed to the emergence of an integrated notion of cultural heritage in international law are also discussed.