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Apartheid Convention - 28th session of the General Assembly, 2008th meeting of the Third Committee
26 Oct 1973 -  Conclusion of the discussion on the Draft Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid. Statements by Mr. Smirnov (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and Mr. Kabinga (Zambia). Mr. Mahmassani (Lebanon), Chairman of the 3rd committee, putting the draft Convention and the amendments thereto to the vote, on an article-by-article basis. The Chairman putting the whole draft Convention, as amended, to vote. The draft Convention is adopted. The Chairman putting draft resolution A/C.3/L.2022, as orally revised, to vote. The draft resolution is adopted. Statements by Mr. Sayar (Iran), Mr. Pardos (Spain), Mr. Wilder (Canada), Lord Gainford (United Kingdom), Mr. Costa Couto (Brazil), Mr. Noda (Japan), Mr. Van Walsum (the Netherlands), Ms. Diallo (Guinea), Ms. Cao Pinna (Italy), Mr. Absolum (New Zealand), Mr. Shafqat (Pakistan), Mr. Ramphul (Mauritius), Mr. Mendes Moreira (Portugal), Ms. Bertrand de Bromley (Honduras), Ms. de Barish (Costa Rica), Mr. Cuesta (Ecuador), Mr. Bourgoin (France), Mr. Cadena Copete (Colombia), Mr. Khmil (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic), Mr. von Kyaw (Federal Republic of Germany), Mr. Papademas (Cyprus), Mr. Cede (Austria), Mr. Dammert (Peru) and Ms. Mairie (Cameroon).