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Darbari Seth lecture
27 Aug 2020 -  United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres addressed the 19th Darbari Seth Memorial lecture Friday 27 September 2020. At the lecture, organized by the Energy and Resources Institute, TERI, in India, in honour of Climate Action pioneer, DARBARI SETH, the Secretary-General made a strong case for Climate Action as a key part of COVID-19 recovery. In the address, titled, “The rise of renewables: shining a light on a sustainable future” , the SG stresses that scaling up clean energy could achieve two great things – alleviate poverty and guarantee universal energy access – two top priorities of India., adding that “Investments in renewable energy, clean transport and energy efficiency during the recovery from the pandemic could extend electricity access to 270 million people worldwide – fully a third of the people that currently lack it.” He said that green job creation was critical: “Investments in renewable energy generate three times more jobs than investments in polluting fossil fuels”