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Christoph Buik (Germany), Police Commissioner, UNSOM
10 Nov 2016 -  Heads of Police Components from 12 peacekeeping operations and 6 Special Political Missions gathered at the United Nations from Monday this week, to mark the annual UN Police Week. UN News Centre asked some of the police leaders attending the event how their police components were making communities safer and more secure. The following are accounts of their experience, and how people-centred policing activities serve to enhance development, law enforcement and peaceful co-existence around the world.

(Transcription) We do this (policing) in close cooperation and consultation with the UN country team and arms of police. After 25 years of civil war and more military approach of policing, we’ve changed now to have a community policing approach in Somalia. And this will help to make Somalia safer and to have a greater environment for the people in the country.