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International Space Station celebrates ICAO’s 75th anniversary
13 Dec 2019 -  Through a video initiative co-ordinated by ROSCOSMOS, the crew of the 61st mission to the International Space Station have joined ICAO in celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

The Convention established ICAO as the UN’s civil aviation agency and provides a mechanism for States to cooperate toward the safe, secure, and sustainable development of flight, which includes the atmospheric phases of flights to Space.

“Flying over our planet covered with invisible and innumerable airways, we wish the international civil aviation organization fruitful work, and successes and achievements, for the benefit of the harmonious development of worldwide transport services,” said European Space Agency Commander Luca Parmitano, of Italy.

Flight Engineers Aleksandr Skvortsov (Russia), Andrew Morgan (USA), Christina Koch (USA), Oleg Skripochka (Russia), and Jessica Meir (USA) highlighted the pivotal importance of the technical and legal provisions of the Convention to flight operations, noting that the standards annexed to Convention are widely used in advanced space applications, particularly in the areas of navigation, communication and surveillance.

“I am happy and proud that the Russian Federation and its space agency together with the International Space Station’s crew have had this opportunity to pay a tribute to the important role of ICAO and the Chicago Convention in the harmonious development of international air transport and join the international civil aviation community in the celebration of the glorious ICAO 75th anniversary,” declared the Representative of the Russian Federation on the ICAO Council, Mr. Sergey Gudkov.

Numerous ICAO Member States have committed resources toward various activities aimed at raising public and sectoral awareness of the importance of this anniversary as a moment in the history of air transport. These have included opening exhibits at airports and civil aviation administration buildings; hoisting of the ICAO 75th anniversary flag in uniquely prominent geographic locations; arranging aerial demonstrations; and promoting the special “ICAO75 video” at prominent airports.

“We are extremely grateful to witness the various ways in which so many ICAO Member States worked to produce tributes and events celebrating aviation in the context of our 75th Anniversary this year, including ICAO’s role in uniting our global community,” remarked ICAO Council President Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu and ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu. “It will be by leveraging historic levels of consensus and cooperation, which have been the hallmark of the accomplishments realized through ICAO over the past 75 years and which are so vividly illustrated by the International Space Station missions, that the aviation community will realize an even brighter and more sustainable new future for air transport in the exciting years to come.”