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Roland Zamora (Central African Republic), Acting Police Commissioner, MINUSCA
10 Nov 2016 -  Heads of Police Components from 12 peacekeeping operations and 6 Special Political Missions gathered at the United Nations from Monday this week, to mark the annual UN Police Week. UN News Centre asked some of the police leaders attending the event how their police components were making communities safer and more secure. The following are accounts of their experience, and how people-centred policing activities serve to enhance development, law enforcement and peaceful co-existence around the world.

(Transcription) The return to stability and peace is a core priority for people in the Central African Republic. The United Nations police resources perform their daily policing duties, in support of host police, with the primary aim of securing local communities, which have suffered a lot from inter-communal violence over the last years. Co-location of police peacekeepers at the same place as their national counterparts, and through strengthening the quality of the service delivery, and encourage crime reporting, and promote client-oriented policies, especially the most vulnerable groups.