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UN Supporting Victims of Terrorism – Sayad Mushtaq Hussaini
8 Aug 2018 -  On 28 December 2017, a suicide bomber attacked both a Shia Hazara cultural centre and a national media outlet, the Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) in Kabul, Afghanistan, killing 42 people and injuring over 75. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant-Khurashan Province (ISIL - KP, also known as Da’esh) claimed responsibility.
During the attack, Mr. Sayed Mushtaq Hussaini, a journalist with the AVA, sustained severe injuries to his face and hands. Although not fully recovered, Sayed is now able to continue with his studies at university, where he is currently studying for a BA in Journalism. He has also returned to work, but his injuries have made it difficult for him to effectively carry out his job.