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World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments - WUF10 (8-13 February 2020, Abu Dhabi, UAE)
8 Feb 2020 -  Paragraph 169 of the NUA calls for continued collaboration with the World Assembly in the follow-up and review of the New Urban Agenda. During WUF 10, the Assembly will address how cities are connecting culture and innovation as key tools to implement both the New Urban Agenda and Agenda 2030.

Local and regional governments are pioneers in highlighting the role of culture in sustainable urban development. Cities are constantly innovating to be able to play their role in offering inclusive cities and opportunities for all. This World Assembly will highlight some of those efforts and will bring new ideas about how global agendas are helping local governments to deliver better and create spaces for social inclusion and prosperity.

The World Assembly will be co-organized by UN-Habitat and the Global Taskforce of local and regional governments, bringing the voice of Mayors, Governments and city networks to the Tenth Session of the World Urban Forum.


To renew the commitment of the Global Taskforce constituency to contribute to the follow-up and review of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, with a specific focus on culture and innovation
To recommend concrete recommendations for the inclusion of the local and regional governments inputs in the follow up of the NUA official reporting format, including disaggregated data
To bring the voice of local governments in the global agendas for all

Guiding Questions:

What are the key messages and roles of local government constituency to the international community and national governments regarding the implementation of the New Urban Agenda?
What are the main contributions of local governments to global innovation?
How cities are using culture to promote innovation and opportunity?
How to better link the monitoring and reporting processes of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda the urban-related indicators in the other SDGs and Agenda 2030 as a whole?
How to formalize and operationalize the contribution of the World Assembly to the follow-up and review mechanisms of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda?
Which tools and platforms to enable reporting and monitoring?