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(Part 1) 4th annual Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals
14 May 2019 -  The Forum will have sessions dedicated to SDGs in focus of 2019 HLPF (see above) and a number of crosscutting issues, including rapid technological change, STI for SDG roadmaps, youth and women perspective, and harnessing indigenous knowledge.
The opening session should set the general tone for the STI Forum, while the concluding session should discuss recommendations and key messages for the Co-Chairs’ summary and set out expectations for the STI Forum in future years. The STI Forum and its sessions aim to be as interactive as possible, to explore innovative seating arrangements, use of different media (videos, and visualizations) and to feature side events, innovations exhibits and affiliated events contributing to the discussions.
The Secretariat will be responsible for overall coordination and preparation of the STI Forum, and for planning the opening and closing sessions. Members of the IATT and the 10-Member Group will selfnominate to join sub-groups to organize the sessions. The organizers of each session will prepare a concept note, identify and issue invitations to potential speakers, and plan the use of different media and discussion formats. The co-chairs of IATT and of the 10-Member Group will ensure coherent approaches across sessions.
10:00 – 10:40 Welcome address and opening: appreciating the cross-cutting nature of science, technology and innovation
10: 45 – 11: 55 Session 1: Emerging technology clusters and the impact of rapid technological change on the SDGsThis session will discuss the implications of rapid technology change on the SDGs, in particular, the social, economic and environmental impacts of new and emerging technologies, such as AI, biotechnology, nanotechnology. It will conclude with policy recommendations.
12:00 – 13:00 Ministerial Segment (Session 2): Strengthening capacity and policy for the development of STI roadmaps During this session, the ministers will present national and sub-national initiatives related to design and review of STI for SDG roadmaps and related policy actions. The session will also discuss potential support to strengthen international partnerships in the area of capacity-building on STI for SDG roadmaps.
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