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Part 1: Technical Briefings on SDG7 Policy Briefs - High-Level Briefing to Member States and Launch of Policy Briefs on SDG7 and its interlinkages with other SDGs in support of SDG7 review at the High-Level Political Forum 2018
18 Apr 2018 -  This three-part briefing will serve as a global platform to launch the “Accelerating SDG7 Achievement: Policy Briefs in support of the first SDG7 review at the UN High Level Political Forum 2018” and share its key policy messages contained in Summary for Policy Makers.

PART 1: Technical Briefings on SDG7 Policy Briefs.

A series of technical panels of experts will feature members of the multi-stakeholder SDG7 Technical Advisory Group (SDG7-TAG) and other contributors to the 27 SDG7 Policy Briefs, to share key policy messages with a focus on:
• SDG7 targets: progress, challenges and opportunities, including a preview of the forthcoming “SDG7 Tracking: The Global Energy Progress Report. A Joint Report of the Custodian Agencies.”
• Means of implementation
• Interlinkages between SDG7 and other SDGs
• Regional perspectives including those of LDCs/LLDCs/SIDS