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SDG Media Zone, 14-16 July 2020: Sustainability, Solidarity, Solutions
16 Jul 2020 -  Panel 3 – Solutions

The UN Secretary-General has called vaccines “the most important public health intervention in history” and “a lifesaving miracle.” He has maintained that a COVID-19 vaccine must be seen as “a global public good - a people’s vaccine,” making it clear that when there is a vaccine, it needs to be made accessible to everyone everywhere. How do we ensure equal access to life-saving vaccines when more than half of the world’s population did not have essential health care coverage even before the pandemic? Even if there’s access, how do we cut through the web of vaccine fear-mongering and misinformation that exists today?
Drs. Bruce Aylward, an epidemiologist from the World Health Organization, Pardis Sabeti from Harvard University’s School of Public Health, and Seema Yasmin, the Director of the Stanford Health Communication, discuss the importance of understanding health information and the benefits of vaccines.