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A World Free of Cervical Cancer — National perspectives in response to a bold call to action
24 Sep 2018 -  Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Director General of the World Health Organization, WHO) announced a Call to Action for the Elimination of Cervical Cancer on 19 May 2018. This side event is timely in view of the High Level Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases and emphasizes elements central to the NCD agenda: taking a life course and community centered approach and integration of services to strengthen health systems issues.

Cervical cancer affects over half a million women each year, and kills a quarter of a million, largely in low and middle income countries. One woman dies of cervical cancer every two minutes, making it one of the greatest threats to women’s health, especially for those living with HIV. Cervical cancer is one of only a few cancer types that can be prevented and managed with a comprehensive strategy using tools available today, such that we can aspire to eliminate this cancer as a public health concern.

An interactive session with Heads of States, First ladies, Heads of UN Agencies and Civil Society from the child and women’s health, cancer and NCDs and HIV-AIDs communities, resulting in national commitments to the elimination challenge.