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Abuse of Older People: A Community Response ( 9th Session of the Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing Side Event)
25 Jul 2018 -  This presentation discusses the outcome of the community-led strategy event that was part of Australia’s 5th National Elder Abuse Conference hosted by Seniors Rights Service in Sydney, February 2018. Around 70 high-level stakeholders from across the country participated in the report’s development. This widely endorsed document sets out an agenda that the community has articulated as a set of priorities that need to be embraced by policy-makers and governments to effectively reduce the risk of elder abuse in Australian society whilst also supporting those affected.
Presented by Russell Westacott, CEO, Seniors Rights Service Sydney Australia.
Panelists include: Margaret Duckett, Deputy Chair, Seniors Rights Service Sydney Australia; Bill Mitchell, Principal Solicitor, Townsville Community Legal Service Townsville Australia; Scott McDougall, Director, Caxton Legal Centre Brisbane Australia.