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Citizen Ambassador 2010, Adetoye Oremosu, Nigeria
8 Oct 2010 -  Adetoye Oremosu, 32, is from Nigeria. His passion is to see Africa become a first-world continent in his lifetime. Since his first year in University, 15 years ago, he has been involved with and started several youth groups preaching the message of self-development and social change.

He is the author of the book “How to get your dream job: a strategic guide” which he wrote to help Nigerian graduates navigate the tough job market and to see themselves more as job creators rather than job seekers.

In September 2010, a panel of judges at the United Nations selected Adetoye’s Youtube video as one of the winning entries for the Citizen Ambassador video-contest. The first African ever to win this contest, his video expressed concern for the dysfunctional educational system in Nigeria and its consequent negative impact on the Nigerian economy.

Adetoye is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer from Nigeria’s premier University, University of Ibadan and has had several years experience in the Nigerian IT industry. He is also a speaker and writer. He will be completing his Master’s degree with Nigeria’s foremost media school, the School of Media and Communication, Pan African University in 2011.

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