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Opportunities and Instruments for Promoting the Employability of Rural Women (CSW62 Side Event)
13 Mar 2018 -  Rural women often face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and additional challenges when it comes to entering the labor market, accessing decent work and building a career. Young women are often in need of the skills necessary for successfully finding employment and ensuring self-sufficiency, of the services providing for a smooth reintegration to the workplace after childbirth, as well as for balancing career, family commitments and domestic work.

The panel will discuss policies, best practices and civil society initiatives aimed at facilitating employment of women in the rural areas. From education and training programs to life-long learning opportunities, from family-responsive policies to tailored and affordable childcare services, there is a comprehensive set of steps to take in order to provide access to employment, and thus ensuring income security, improved livelihoods and more life options for rural women. Speakers will share their diverse experiences and new ideas, presenting what Governments, international organizations and the civil society can do together to step up employment of rural women.