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Political leadership and accountability on NCDs and mental health: Enabling healthier lives and wellbeing
25 Sep 2019 -  Complete video will be ready soon

In 2015, the United Nations presented the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a to-do list to address the world’s biggest problems – underscoring the inextricable links between sustainable development and the attainment of healthy lives and wellbeing for all. In doing so, Governments committed to achieve targets on universal health coverage in all countries, and to curb the chances that people will die too young from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and to promote mental health and well-being – all by 2030.
So how are these target looking now? In the Political Declaration on UHC, Heads of State and Government will commit to strengthen national efforts to address NCDs and implement measures to promote and improve mental health and wellbeing as essential components of UHC. WHO will publish a report in December 2019 with an update for each country. Some information is already available.
Through moderated panels, national and global leaders and partners will share experiences on where there has been progress and identify where major problems still lie – providing insights on actions needed to consolidate progress and address pending gaps.