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Thomas & Friends on Responsible Consumption - Goal #12
7 Sep 2018 -  What is the Goal?
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.
What is My Child Learning?
Social development
Creativity and innovation
Problem solving
Conversation Starters
What happened to Sidney at the waste dump? How do you think he felt?
What kinds of things do people throw away?
How can we reuse things at home?
What happens to all the waste?
Should we throw away old toys? What should we do with them?
Playful Learning
Get creative! You'll need recycled materials or things you find thrown away (clean them first!). You can use egg cartons, platic bottles, fabric, paper and string. What can you make from the materials - a funny animal, a spaceman, a place for people to live?
Recycle at home - use a few old boxes or baskets and label each one - plastic, cardboard, paper. Ask family member to throw those items in the box instead of the trash. How much do you have at the end of the week? How can you reuse the materials? Have fun!
For younger children, guide them with ideas of what to make. Keep it simple. Make fanciful, funny animals or use a paper plate and/or other materials to make a face.
Challenge older children to make something fun while using all of the materials.
Share what you learn! Use #AllAboardForGlobalGoals