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Democracy Day in the Time of the Pandemic
16 Sep 2020 -  Democracy and the rule of law are mutually reinforcing bases on which to anchor effective response and recovery efforts. Civic space must be protected since civil society organizations are not only partners in basic service delivery. They are also crucial actors for democratic accountability. The critical importance of SDG16+ and the inter-linkages between peace, justice, and effective institutions, particularly in a democratic governance perspective, are basic entry points for meeting the interrelated social, economic and environmental challenges posed by COVID-19.

Issues to be addressed in the interactive dialogue that will follow the speakers’ presentations might include:

▪ How do we turn COVID-19 challenges into opportunities to address in a deliberate way the systemic vulnerabilities that COVID-19 has exposed?
▪ How do we strengthen the capacity of the international system to promote an open dialogue on national experiences to advance comprehensive responses to the pandemic? And how can the system show the way in promoting all-of-society dialogues engaging democratically in the “building back effort” all components of the state and all stakeholders in civil society?
▪ How can we leverage democratic and rule of law principles, and what instrumentalities and partnerships are available and can be harnessed to ensure greater resilience to future shocks?
▪ How can we best gear recovery policies to advance the transformational objectives of democratic governance and intergenerational justice embodied in Agenda 2030?