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إلين وايت غوميز (رئيسة المؤتمر) في افتتاح مؤتمر الأمم المتحدة للتفاوض على صك ملزم قانوناً لحظر الأسلحة النووية (21-24 آذار / مارس 2017)
27 Mar 2017 -  1. Opening of the conference [item 1] Statement by the President of the Conference Statement by the Acting President of the General Assembly Statement by the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Statements by special invitees 2. Adoption of the rules of procedure (A/CONF.229/2017/L.1) [item 4] 3. Election of other officers [item 6] 4. Credentials of representatives to the conference [item 7] (a) Appointment of members of the Credentials Committee 5. General exchange of views [item 8] (a) High-level segment