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First Committee, 10th meeting - General Assembly, 72nd session
11 Oct 2017 -  Thematic discussion on item subjects and introduction and consideration of all resolutions and decisions submitted under agenda items (items 52 (b) and 90 to 106)
(a) Exchange with the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs and other highlevel officials on the “Current state of affairs in the field of arms control and disarmament and the role of international organizations with mandates in this field”

[Panellists: High Representative (ODA); Secretary-General of the Conference on Disarmament; Personal Representative of the Director General and the Director of the New York Office (IAEA); Head of Chemistry and Safety, Inspectorate Division (OPCW), Senior Liaison Officer (CTBTO) and the Secretary-General (OPANAL)] (b) Nuclear weapons cluster [Documents of the Committee: item 52 (b); item 90 (A/72/293 and A/72/328); item 91 (A/72/29); item 92; item 93 (A/72/27); item 94 (A/72/327 and A/72/315); item 95 (A/72/340 (Part I) and A/C.1/72/L.1); item 96; item 97 (A/72/27); item 98; item 99 (A/72/311, A/72/321, A/72/308, A/72/318, A/72/309, A/72/321, A/72/179, A/72/122, A/72/302, A/72/344, A/72/305, A/72/65, A/72/65/Add.1, A/72/206, A/72/339, A/72/304 and A/C.1/72/L.2); item 100 (A/72/27, A/72/97, A/72/99, A/72/98, A/72/98/Corr.1 and A/72/363); item 101 (A/72/154, A/72/185, A/72/27 and A/72/42); item 102 (A/72/340 (Part II)) (to be issued) and A/C.1/72/L.4); item 103; item 104 (A/72/320); item 105 (A/72/180); and item 106]
[Other documents: Organization of work (A/C.1/72/CRP.1, A/C.1/72/CRP.2, A/C.1/72/CRP.4, A/C.1/72/1, A/C.1/72/INF/1 and A/C.1/72/INF/4)]

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