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(6th meeting) 48th session of the UN Statistical Commission (7-10 March 2017)
9 Mar 2017 -  The Sixth meeting of the 48th session of the UN Statistical Commission.
1. Items for discussion and decision [item 3] (continued)
(n) Tourism statistics (E/CN.3/2017/17)
(o) Statistics for economies based on natural resources (E/CN.3/2017/18)

2. Items for discussion and decision [item 4]
(a) Demographic statistics (E/CN.3/2017/19)
(b) Household surveys (E/CN.3/2017/20)
(c) Health statistics (E/CN.3/2017/21)
(d) Education statistics (E/CN.3/2017/22)
(e) Price statistics (E/CN.3/2017/23)
(f) Short-term economic statistics (E/CN.3/2017/24)
(g) Finance statistics (E/CN.3/2017/25)
(h) International trade and economic globalization statistics (E/CN.3/2017/26)
(i) Agricultural and rural statistics (E/CN.3/2017/27)
(j) Coordination of statistical programmes (E/CN.3/2017/28 and E/CN.10/2017/29)
(k) Statistical capacity-building (E/CN.3/2017/30 and E/CN.3/2017/31)
(l) Common open standards for the exchange and sharing of data and metadata (E/CN.3/2017/32)
(m) Follow-up to the policy decisions of the General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council (E/CN.3/2017/33)
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