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Panel discussion: Reaching people in need, ECOSOC - Humanitarian Affairs Segment 2017
22 Jun 2017 -  Panel discussion: Reaching people in need and promoting respect for international humanitarian law and the humanitarian principles

This panel will address why compliance with international humanitarian law and respect for the humanitarian principles are vital for ensuring that civilians receive the humanitarian assistance they need for their survival. This session will also explore the practical measures that Member States, non - state armed groups, and humanitarian actors can all take to ensure that humanitarian personnel and objects are respected and protected, and that relief operations are carried out without arbitrary or unlawful impediments. The panel will also look at good practices to implement international humanitarian law. Finally, given that a common underlying challenge in many of today’s conflicts is one of political will to adhere to international law even when the r ules are known, the panel will examine what measures of influence can be exerted to ensure respect for international humanitarian law and the humanitarian principles in the delivery of humanitarian assistance, and, more broadly, to enhance the protection o f civilians. The panel will provide an overview of experience in the field including on current access and protection experience. Chair:
• H.E. Mr. Jürgen Schulz, Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany and Vice - President of ECOSOC
Moderator: • Mr. Stephen O’Brien, Under - Secretary - General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator
: • Mr. Olabisi Dare, Head, Humanitarian Affairs, Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons Affairs Divi sion, African Union Commission
• Ms. Elis abeth Decrey - Warner, President, Geneva Call
• Ms. Helen Durham, Director, International Committee of the Red Cross
• Mr. Bruno Jochum, Director General , Méd e cins sans Frontières Switzerland
• Mr. James Munn , Director of Humanitarian Policy, Norwegian Refugee Council