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DRC, UPR Report Consideration - 24th Meeting, 42nd Regular Session Human Rights Council
19 Sep 2019 -  Consideration of the Universal Periodic Review outcome of - Democratic Republic of the Congo A/HRC/42/5, A/HRC/42/5/Add.1

Under Agenda Item 6: Universal periodic review

42nd Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

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H.E. Mr. André Lite Asebea, Minister of Human Rights of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Additional Information)
Democratic Republic of the Congo NHRI, Mr. Mwamba Mushikonke Mwamus
Botswana, Ms. Bokani Edith Sesinyi
Burkina Faso, Mr. Dieudonné Sawadogo
China, Mr. Dai Demao
Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Mr. Pang Kwang Hyok
Djibouti, Ms. Kadra Ahmed Hassan
Egypt, Mr. Amr Adel Abdelaziz Elmeligy
Gabon, Ms. Nadège Moucketou Mvou
Germany, Mr. Hans-Peter Jugel
Haiti, Mr. Max Gédéon Boutin
India, Ms. Ni Devi Kumam
Iraq, Mr. Mohammed Al-Tatar
Libya, Mr. Osama Omran
Malawi, Ms. Florencia Mtingwi
International Catholic Child Bureau, Ms. Béatrice Ciunza Bitenda
Lawyers for Lawyers, Mr. Paul Scambler
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Ms. Tessa Cerisier
Minority Rights Group, Mr. Glenn Payot
Right Livelihood Award Foundation (Joint Statement), Ms. Camilla Argentieri
World Organisation Against Torture, Mr. Dolly Ibefo Mbunga
International Service for Human Rights, Ms. Salma El Hosseiny
Center for Reproductive Rights (Joint Statement), Ms. Agina Kalassa
Together against the death penalty, Mr. Matthew Goldberg
Franciscans International (Joint Statement), Ms. Enkeleda Papa
H.E. Mr. André Lite Asebea, Minister of Human Rights of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Final Remarks)
Mr. Carlos Mario Foradori, Vice-President of the Human Rights Council (Adoptions)
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