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ID: Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar - 2nd Meeting, 45th Regular Session Human Rights Council
14 Sep 2020 -  Presentation of report by the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (IIMM) on its activities to date, presented by Nicholas Koumjian, Head of IIMM, followed by country concerned statement and interactive discussion with States and NGOs A/HRC/RES/39/2,A/HRC/45/60
Item 2: - Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and reports of the Office of the High Commissioner and the Secretary-General

45th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

HRC extranet (information on daily updates, draft documentation, copies of oral statements etc.)
Mr. Nicholas Koumjian, Head of the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (Introduction)
European Union, Mr. Walter Stevens
Pakistan (on behalf of the OIC), Mr. Tahir Hussain Andrabi
Jordan, Mr. Odai Abdel Wahab Jdai Al Qaralleh
Liechtenstein, Mr. Peter Matt
Canada, Mr. Curtis Peters
Indonesia, Mr. Agustinus Anindityo Adi Primasto
Bangladesh, Ms. Shanchita Haque
Austria, Mr. Robert Müller
Switzerland, Ms. Jasna Lazarevic
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Mr. Jorge Valero
Malaysia, Mr. Ahmad Faisal Bin Muhamad
Australia, Ms. Sally Mansfield
Netherlands, Mr. Rochus Pronk
New Zealand, Ms. Charlotte Darlow
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ms. Rita French
Philippines, Mr. Evan P. Garcia
Egypt, Mr. Ayman Mamdouh Mohamed Ammar
Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Mr. Pang Kwang Hyok
International Commission of Jurists, Ms. Mathilde Laronche
Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, Mr. Ahmed Adam
Jubilee Campaign, Ms. Hulda Fahmi
CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Ms. Lisa Majumdar
Mr. Nicholas Koumjian, Head of the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar (Final Remarks)
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