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Consideration of Turkey (Cont'd) - 440th Meeting, 21st Session Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
14 Mar 2019 - 
Delegation of Turkey
1. H.E. Ahmet Erdem, Head of Delegation, Deputy Minister, of Family, Labor and Social Services
2. H.E. Mr. Sadık Arslan, Ambassador, Permanent Representative
3. Mr. Orhan Koç, Director General for Disabled and Elderly Services
4. Mr. Cevdet Ceylan, Deputy President of Social Security Institution
5. Mr. Ayhan Okurer, Acting Director General, Supreme Election Council
6. Mr. Serdal Eravcı, Deputy Director General, Deparment of Strategy Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports
7. Ms. Beliz Celasin Rende, Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Turkey
8. Mr. Ahmet Bayram Ahmetoğlu, Judge, Department of Human Rights, Ministry of Justice
9. Mr. Erkin Tanrıkulu, Deputy Head of Department , The General Directorate of Security
10. Mr. Muhittin Özdemir, Head of Department of Victim Rights, Ministry of Justice
11. Ms. Fatıma Şahin, Head of Department of Public Hospitals, Ministry of Health
12. Mr. Tayyar Kuz, Head of Department, Disabled and Elderly Services
13. Mr. Hulusi Armağan Yıldırım, Head of Department, Disabled and Elderly Services
14. Ms. Nesrin Yılmaz, Head of Department, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure
15. Mr. Mehmet Aslan, Head of Department, Official Employment Institute
16. Ms. Feyza Gizligider, Deputy Head of Department, Radio and Television Supreme Council
17. Mr. Erhan Batur, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Turkey
18. Mr. Ahmet Ulutaş, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Turkey
19. Ms. Müge Ant, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Turkey
20. Mr. Erdal Onat, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Turkey
21. Mr. Ozan Çakır, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Turkey
22. Mr. Yaşar Özbek, Counsellor, Permanent Mission of Turkey
23. Mr. Fatih Acar, Expert, Permanent Mission of Turkey
24. Mr. Abdullah Vergil, Expert, Ministry of Interior Directorate General of Migration Management
      25. Mr. Doğan Onur Köksal, Expert, the General Directorate of Ministry of Education Special Education Guidance
26. Ms. Esma Firuze İncili, Expert, Department of Strategy Development, Ministry of Culture and Tourism
27. Ms. Duygu Çandarlı, Expert, Council of Higher Education
28. Ms. Bengü Merve Derin Türkoğlu, Expert, Human Rights and Equality Institution
        29. Mr. Mustafa Sencer Kiremitçi, Expert, Directorate General of Social Assistance
30. Mr. İbrahim Kürşat Ergüt, Expert, Directorate General of Child Services
31. Ms. Keziban Karçkay, Expert, Disabled and Elderly Services
32. Ms. Erem İlter Su, Expert, Disabled and Elderly Services
33. Mr. İbrahim Halil İbanoğlu, Interpreter
34. Ms. Bilge Kahramanyol, Interpreter
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