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HC/SG Thematic Reports and Item:3 General Debate - 15th Meeting, 38th Regular Session Human Rights Council
25 Jun 2018 -  - Presentation of the thematic reports of the Secretary-General and High Commissioner for Human Rights followed by general debate under Agenda Item:3 Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development A/HRC/38/3 , A/HRC/38/18,A/HRC/38/19, A/HRC/38/20 ,A/HRC/38/20/Add.2, A/HRC/38/21,A/HRC/38/22 , A/HRC/38/23, A/HRC/38/24 A/HRC/38/24/Corr.1, A/HRC/38/26 , AA/HRC/38/27, AA/HRC/38/28, A/HRC/38/29
- 15th Plenary Meeting
38th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

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Maldives, Mr. Jeffrey Salim Waheed
Group of NHRIs (Joint Statement), Ms. Katherina Rose
Conectas Direitos Humanos, Ms. Ligia Bolivar
Sikh Human Rights Group, Mr. Jasdev Singh Rai
World Evangelical Alliance, Mr. Albert Hengelaar
Union of Arab Jurists, Mr. Elias Khouri
Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Ms. Claire Denman
Franciscans International (Joint Statement), Ms. Serena Ariello
Human Rights Law Centre, Ms. Lee Jia-Yie Carnie
China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS), Ms. Zuliyati Simayi
Save the Children International, Mr. Thiago Luchesi
Association for Progressive Communications, Ms. Deborah Brown
International-lawyers.org, Ms. Jennifer Tapia
OCAPROCE, Ms. Sadani Maoulafnine
Centre d'Action Pour Le Developpement Rural, Mr. Elhazar Elnjahadi
Liberation, Mr. Ani Sapkal
Indigenous People of Africa Coordinating Committee, Mr. Adrien Kabashi
FIAN International, Mr. Daniel Fyfe
Mbororo Social and Cultural Development Association, Ms. Manika Borgohain Boruah
International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Ms. Zaia Zafarana
Prahar, Mr. Apte Sangharsh
Graduate Women International (GWI), Ms. Stacy Dri Lara
United Towns Agency for North-South Cooperation, Mr. Eya Essif
International Federation for the Protection of the Rights of Ethnic, Religious, Linguistic & Other Minorities, Mr. Hamit Deniz
Human Security Initiative Organization, Ms. Somaya Hassan
Europe-Third World Centre, Mr. Raffaele Morgantini
Association d'Entraide Médicale Guinée, Mr. Ranjit Naraponama
Organization for Defending Victims of Violence, Mr. Mostafa Mohammad
Maarij Foundation for Peace and Development, Mr. Joseph Reis
Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, Mr. Mohammed Sultan
International Muslim Women's Union, Ms. Shamim Shawl
Verein Sudwind Entwicklungspolitik, Mr.Nima Hesaba
Association of World Citizens, Ms. Sholeh Zamini
Ius Primi Viri International Association, Mr. Mutahar Al-Bathigi
Indian Council of South America Mr. Ronald Barnes
African Development Association, Ms. Mina Laghzal
France Libertes: Fondation Danielle Mitterrand, Ms. Djimi Elghalia
World Barua Organization, Ms. Ennubala Deri
Association Dunenyo, Mr. Naji Moulay Lahsen
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