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Freedom from Persecution: Christian Religious Minorities, Religious Pluralism in Danger
28 Sep 2018 -  The persecution of Christian and other religious minorities is an alarming and often unnoticed reality in the conflict and post conflict areas in the Middle East. Explicit targets of violent extremist and terrorist groups, persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities and whole communities are killed, forced to flee their homes, and are at risk of human trafficking. Religion is organically intertwined with ethnicity, language and culture, putting Christian minorities to the forefront of violence. Recognising that their fate in the Middle East is often overlooked by the international community, including during humanitarian response and accountability efforts, and their voices remain unheard, the event will have a special focus on their protection in the region.
The high-level panel discussion aims to identify gaps in protection and development efforts for Christian communities in the Middle East, and share policy frameworks, specific programs and initiatives tailored to protect the human rights of minorities, and ensure their freedom of religion and belief and full inclusion in society.
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