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ID: Human rights in in Somalia - 36th Meeting, 33rd Regular Session Human Rights Council
28 Sep 2016 -  Interactive dialogue on:
- Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Somalia A/HRC/33/64
Item: 10 - Technical assistance and capacity-building
Technical Assistance to Libya
//ID: IE on Central African Republic
33rd Regular Session of the Human Rights Council
HRC extranet (information on daily updates, draft documentation, copies of oral statements etc.)
Mr. Bahame Nyanduga, Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Somalia (Introduction)
Somalia (Country Concerned), Ms. Faduma Abdullahi Mohamud
European Union, Ms. Louise Auken Wagner
Qatar, Ms. Noor Ibrahim Al-Sada
France, Mr. Pierre Le Goff
Australia, Ms. Priyanka Vennelakanti
Russian Federation, Mr. Dmitry Vorobiev
Denmark, Ms. Signe Dam
Turkey, Mr. Hasan Emre Uygun
United States of America, Mr. Jason Ross Mack
Egypt, Mr. Amr Ramadan
Kuwait, Mr. Meshal Almansour
China, Ms. Wang Ying
United Arab Emirates, Mr. Obaid Salem Saeed Al Zaabi
Sudan, Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim
Ireland, Ms. Sarah Groarke
Botswana, Mr. Collen K. Diane
Djibouti, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Abro
New Zealand, Ms. Katy Diane Donnelly
United Kingdom of Great Britain And Northern Ireland, Mr. Chris Lomax
Italy, Ms. Daniela D’orlandi
Mozambique, Mr. Pedro Afonso Comissário
Ethiopia, Mr. Yibza Aynekullu Tesfaye
Spain, Mr. Itxaso Elizondo
Ukraine, Ms. Dina Martina
Algeria, Mr. Kherrour Zoheir
Bahrain, Mr. Fahad Adnan Albaker
International Educational Development, Inc., Ms. Karen Parker
International Federation of Journalists, Mr. Omar Faruk Osman
Rencontre Africaine pour la defense des droits de l'homme, Ms. Hasna Ahmed Abdalla
CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation (Joint Statement), Ms. Renate Bloem
Human Rights Watch, Mr. John Fisher
Article 19 - International Centre Against Censorship, Mr. Andrew Smith
Arab Commission for Human Rights, Mr. Esam Ali Muthanna Qacem
Human Rights Information & Training Center, Ms. Laila Dhaif Allah
Somalia (Country Concerned), Ms. Faduma Abdullahi Mohamud (Final Remarks)
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