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(1st meeting) Committee of Experts on Public Administration, 16th session (CEPA 2017)
24 Apr 2017 -  1. Opening of the session
Statement by His Excellency Cristián Barros Melet, Vice-President of the Economic and Social Council
Statement by the Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs (to be delivered by the Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development)
2. Election of officers [item 1]
3. Adoption of the agenda and other organizational matters (E/C.16/2017/1) [item 2]
4. Ensuring effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals through leadership, action and means (E/C.16/2017/2) [item 3]
General discussion
5. Institutional arrangements for the Sustainable Development Goals (E/C.16/2017/5) [item 3 (c)]
Interactive panel discussion
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