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The Convergence of Financial Inclusion, Infrastructure Development and Social Development
12 Feb 2016 -  Topics to be covered include the evolution of the monetary system, financial engineering & fintech, micro-finance, the role of entrepreneurs in promoting social development efforts, and how countries can leverage contemporary financing avenues to fund infrastructure and social development projects. The Forum is organized by the Barinu Institute for Economic Development, an organization in special consultancy status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since July 2013. Barinu Institute is committed to eliminating extreme poverty in the poorest regions of the world through economic development by providing infrastructure development and practical educational training.

- Introduction, Uwaifo Aromose
- Perspective, Varelie Croes
- Keynote Talk, Georges Charles Bouchereau
- Keynote Conversation Kelly Hoey and Chanel Edwards
- Panel Discussion, Dustin Shay, Jesse Podell, Avi Karnani (moderated by Kelly Hoey)
- Questions / Closing Words
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