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Item:4 General Debate (Cont'd) - 21st Meeting, 38th Regular Session Human Rights Council
27 Jun 2018 -  - CONTINUED - General Debate Under Agenda Item:4 Human rights situations that require the Council’s attention - 21st Plenary Meeting
38th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

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Pasumai Thaayagam Foundation, Ms. Raheca Logendran
United Towns Agency for North-South Cooperation, Ms. Eya Essif
Nouveaux droits de l'homme (NDH), Mr. Munir Mengal
Europe - Third World Center, Mr. Adam Lee
Guinea Medical Mutual Association, Mr. Warn Hettiarachchi
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Point of Order), Mr. Kai Muller
Article 19 (Joint statement), Ms. Lucy Buy
International Educational Development, Inc., Ms. Karen Parker
Organization for Defending Victims of Violence, Mr. Mostafa Mohammad
Khiam Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture, Mr. Ahmed Abu Nasser
Africa Culture Internationale, Mr. Lamine Dianko
Maarij Foundation for Peace and Development, Mr. Joseph Duarte Reis
CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Ms. Clementine De Montjoye
International Muslim Women's Union, Ms. Shamim Shawl
Verein Sudwind Entwicklungspolitik, Ms. Jaleh Razmi
IUS PRIMI VIRI International Association, Mr. Shehab Al-Hemyri
Indian Council of South America (CISA), Mr. Ronald Barnes
France Libertes : Fondation Danielle Mitterrand, Ms. Djimi El Ghalia
World Barua Organization (WBO), Ms. Rekhubala Devi Takhellamban
International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, Ms. Sheefa Afath Shaik
Action internationale pour la paix et le développement dans la région des Grands Lacs, Mr. Jamil Maqsood
Alliance Creative Community Project, Ms. Milene Peiris Nishanthi
World Muslim Congress, Mr. Ahmed Quraishi
African Commission of Health and Human Rights Promoters, Ms. Tayyaba Bashir
Association Culturelle Des Tamouls En France, Mr. Thirumurugan Gandhi
American Association of Jurists, Mr. Gianfranco Fattorini
Human Security Initiative Organization, Ms. Somaya Hassan Mahjou Mohammed
Rencontre Africaine pour la defense des droits de l'homme, Ms. Junia Lazarini Videira
Villages Unis (United Villages), Mr. Ahmed Shah Parvez
Association of World Citizens, Ms. Sholeh Zamini
United Nations Watch (Point of Order), Mr. Hillel Neuer
International Human Rights Association of American Minorities (IHRAAM), Mr. Nazir Shawl
International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Ms. Ghalia Mustapha El Bachir
Victorious Youths Movement, Mr. Rachid Duihi
International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations, Mr. Mahtud Mohlamin Bechri
European Centre for Law and Justice, Mr. Christophe Foltzenlogel
Association for Integration and sustainable Development in Burundi, Ms. Bonnya Boruah
Association for the Protection of Women and Children’s Rights (APWCR), Mr. Hassan Ghulam
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