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Item:8 General Debate (Cont'd) - 35th Meeting 29th Regular Session of Human Rights Council
29 Jun 2015 -  General Debate Under Agenda Item:8 - Follow-up to and implementation of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action A/HRC/29/23 - 35th Plenary Meeting
29th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

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United States of America, Mr. Keith M. Harper
Sierra Leone, Ms. Yvette Stevens
Ireland, Mr. Ciarán Patrick Finlay
Netherlands, Mr. Paul Peters
Russian Federation, Mr. Dmitriy Vorobyev
Morocco, Mr. Hassane Boukili
Norway, Mr. Harriet E. Berg
Spain, Mr. Luis Ángel Redondo
Israel, Mr. Brian Frenkel
Switzerland, Ms. Anh Thu Duong
Croatia, Ms. Ana Puljic Zunjic
Poland, Ms. Agniszka Karpinska
Sweden, Ms. Anna Jakenberg Brinck
Action Canada for Population and Development, Mr. Sandeep Prasad
Groupe des ONG pour la Convention relative aux droits de l'enfant, Ms. Laure EL Maleh
International Lesbian and Gay Association (Joint Statement), Mr. Danish Sheikh
Arab Commission for Human Rights, Mr. Abdelwahab Hani
Alliance Defending Freedom, Mr. Ruben Navarro
Verein Sudwind Entwicklungspolitik, Ms. Nicky Djokaran
International Institute of Mary Our Help of the Salesians of Don Bosco, Ms. Fohn Molly Anne
International Humanist and Ethical Union, Ms. Elizabeh O'Casey
World Muslim Congress, Mr. Altaf Hussain Wani
World Barua Organization, Mr. Baby Thomas
Mbroro Social and Cultural Development Association, Mr. Iram Singhjit Singh
Federation of Associations for the Defense and the Promotion of Human Rights - Spain, Ms. Takbar Haddi
Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, Mr. Iniyan Llango
Alsalam Foundation, Ms. Amanda Milani
Agence Internationale pour le Developpement, Mr. Sayed Faiz Naqshbandi
Amnesty International, Mr. Peter Splinter
International Youth and Student Movement for the United Nations, Ms Laola Iahdih
Commission africaine des promoteurs de la santé et des droits de l'homme, Ms. Ana Leurinda
Maarij Foundation for Peace and Development, Mr. Baltaci Numan
Rencontre Africaine pour la défense des droits de l'homme, Ms. Deirdre McConnell
Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain Inc, Mr. Michael Payne
International Muslim Women's Union, Ms. Shamim Shawl
Indian Council of South America, Ms. Sonia Patricia Murcia Roa
Servas International, Ms. Daniela Donges
International Federation for Human Rights Leagues, Ms. Sonia Tancic
Association of World Citizens, Ms. Genevieve Jourdan
Action Internationale Pour la Paix et le Développement dans la Région des Grands Lacs, Ms. Maalainine Hamanna
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, Ms. Paula Olaz Moratinos
Global Network for Rights and Development, Ms. Meryem Bouhlal
Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Inc. Education Fund, Ms. Mary Langlois
International Institute for Peace, Justice and Human-Rights, Mr. Jean Francois Fechino
CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Ms. Dora Tuez
Maldives, Ms. Geela Ali (Right of Reply)
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