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Clustered ID (Cont'd): SR on Sustainable Evironment and on Right to Food - 26th Meeting, 34th Regular Session Human Rights Council
9 Mar 2017 -  Clustered interactive dialogue with:
- Special Rapporteur on the issue of human rights obligations relating to theenjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment A/HRC/34/49, A/HRC/34/49/Add.1

- Special Rapporteur on the right to food A/HRC/34/48, A/HRC/34/48/Add.1, A/HRC/34/48/Add.2, A/HRC/34/48/Add.3

Item: 3 - Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development
34th Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

HRC extranet (information on daily updates, draft documentation, copies of oral statements etc.)
Caritas Internationalis (International Confederation of Catholic Charities, Mrs. Floriana Polito, (Joint statement)
Centre Europe - Tiers Monde - Europe-Third World Centre, Mr. Raffaele Morgantini,
Iraqi Development Organization, Mr. Jaafar Yahya Husain,
Asian Legal Resource Centre, Mr. Erik Wendt
Prahar, Mr. Pankaj Jyoti Hazarika,
Article 19 - International Centre Against Censorship, The, Ms. Lucy Bye,
World Barua Organization (WBO), Mr. Vishal Jairam Kamble
Association Solidarité Internationale pour l'Afrique (SIA), Ms. Ananthy Sasitharan,
Verein Sudwind Entwicklungspolitik, Ms. Sholeh ZaminI,
Liberation, Mr. Thomas Baby,
Mr. John Knox, Special Rapporteur on the Issue of Human Rights Obligations Relating to the Enjoyment of a Safe, Clean, Healthy & sustainable Environment
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