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Reducing Inequalities: SDG 10 Progress and Prospects (HLPF 2019 Side Event)
19 Jul 2019 -  SDG 10 has brought unprecedented attention to inequality. This comes at a time when, despite important gains made since 2000 in lifting people out of poverty, inequalities and large disparities remain in income and wealth, and also in access to food, health care, education, land, clean water, political representation, and other assets and resources essential for living a full and dignified life. Such inequalities can reduce social mobility and become self-perpetuating across generations, thus hindering progress toward one of the central objectives of the 2030 Agenda – that of leaving no one behind. SDG 10 targets cast a wide net to capture the multiple drivers of inequality across social, economic, and political dimensions aiming to expand prosperity, inclusion, and social protection.
The objective of the side event will be to take stock of progress toward SDG 10; to share success stories, good practices and challenges; to identify particular areas of concern; and to suggest ways forward in terms of policies, partnerships and coordinated actions at all levels that are helping countries to develop concrete strategies for addressing leaving no one behind.
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