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Item:3 General Debate - 31st Meeting, 31st Regular Session Human Rights Council
11 Mar 2016 -  General Debate Under Agenda Item: 3 Promotion and protection of all human rights, civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, including the right to development.
Preceded By:
- Report of the open-ended intergovernmental working group on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights, with the mandate of elaborating an international legally binding instrument A/HRC/31/50

- Presentation of the thematic reports of the Secretary-General and High Commissioner for Human Rights followed by A/HRC/31/22, A/HRC/31/23 , A/HRC/31/24 , A/HRC/31/25 , A/HRC/31/27 , A/HRC/31/28 , A/HRC/31/29 , A/HRC/31/30 , A/HRC/31/31 , A/HRC/32/32 , A/HRC/31/33 , A/HRC/31/35 ,A/HRC/31/37 , A/HRC/31/81 , A/HRC/31/82

31st Regular Session of the Human Rights Council.

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Netherlands (on behalf of EU), Mr. Roderick Van Schreven
Portugal (on behalf of a group of States), Mr. Pedro Nuno Bártolo
Mexico (on behalf of a cross-regional group), Mr. Jorge Lomónaco
Egypt (on behalf of a group of States), Mr. Mohamed Hamdy Mohamed Elmolla
Russian Federation (on behalf of a group of States), Mr. Dmitry Vorobyev
Iran (Islamic Republic of) on behalf of NAM, Mr. Mohsen Ghanei
China (on behalf of a cross-regional group), Mr. Fu Cong
Denmark (on behalf of a group of States), Ms. Marie-Louise Wegter
United States of America (on behalf of a cross-regional group), Mr. David Sullivan
Norway (Joint statement with Turkey), Mr. Paul Ø. Bjørdal
Pakistan (on behalf of OIC), Ms. Tehmina Janjua
Ghana, Ms. Zenabu Sakara
Switzerland, Mr. Lukas Heinzer
Republic of Korea, Mr. Son Eun-kyung
Ecuador, Mr. Alfonso Morales
South Africa, Ms. Yatasha Naidoo
Qatar, Ms. Noor Ibrahim Al-Sada
Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Ms. Nardi Suxo Iturry
Paraguay, Mr. Miguel Ricardo Candia Ibarra
El Salvador, Ms. Carmen Elena Castillo
Maldives, Ms. Hala Hameed
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Mr. Edgardo Toro Careño
Russian Federation, Mr. Alexey Rogov
Georgia, Ms. Ekaterine Meshveliani
Cuba, Mr. Pablo Berti Oliva
India, Mr. Alok Ranjan Jha
China, Mr. Shi Yuefeng
Kyrgyzstan, Mr. Ulan Djusupov
Namibia, Ms. Sabine Böhlke-Möller
Cote d'Ivoire, Mr. Tiemoko Moriko
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