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Innovations for Inequality Reducing Social Protection Policies in Europe and Africa - CSocD57 Side Event
14 Feb 2019 -  This Side Event brings together experts from Africa, Europe and the UN to discuss recent innovations in equality enhancing social protection and employment policies. What lessons could be learned for capacity development and policy making at national continental and global levels?
The Side Event also discusses how to progressively streamline fragmented social protection programmes into nationally appropriate social protection systems that cover all people throughout the life cycle.
Specific experiences is shared from African countries’ efforts in developing multi-disciplinary social protection curricula for pre- and in-service training. These kinds of capacity development efforts are key for the sustainability of social protection systems, and have been a key focus area of the EU Social Protection Systems Programme / Finland.
Side Event at the 57th Session of the UN Commission for Social Development (CSocD57) co-organized by the Government of Finland, the UN Office of the Special Adviser on Africa and the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.