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(5th meeting) UNICEF Executive Board, Annual Session (13-16 June 2017)
15 Jun 2017 -  1. Report of the Ethics Office of UNICEF for 2016 (E/ICEF/2017/10) [item 9]
2. Address by the Chairperson of the UNICEF Global Staff Association [item 10]
3. Reports on the field visits of the Executive Board (UNICEF/2017/EB/7 and UNICEF/2017/EB/8) [item 11]
4. Other matters [item 12]:
Provisional list of agenda items for the 2016 second regular session of the Executive Board
5. Adoption of draft decisions [item 13]
6. UNICEF Staff Team Awards and Closing statements by the Executive Director of UNICEF and the President of the Executive Board [item 14]