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Ban Ki-moon, Attack in Kabul (Afghanistan), 17 January 2014
18 Jan 2014 -  Transcript:

"This is another sad moment for the United Nations, where our distinguished four colleagues have been killed by terrorist attack in Kabul. I extend my deepest condolences to the families of Basra Hassan of the United States, Nasrin Jamal of Pakistan, Kahnjar Wabel Abdallah of Lebanon and Vadim Nazarov of Russia. And I also wish all the best and speedy recovery for all wounded people. On many occasions I have condemned in the strongest possible terms against these reckless terrorist attacks against the civilians. This is totally unacceptable and this is violation of the international humanitarian law. All the perpetrators must be held accountable. As the United Nations morns this terrorist attack and victims we remain committed to work for the peace, stability and development of Afghanistan. We fully support the transition of Afghanistan toward better future in peace development and security."