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Ban Ki-moon, World Food Security and 'Zero Hunger Challenge'
15 Oct 2012 -  The meeting heard a further call to action in a video message from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who told the opening session "you are at the heart of the next big push - eliminating hunger in our lifetimes".

"Our "Zero Hunger Challenge" has five objectives. They are:

1. A world where everyone has access to enough nutritious food all year round.
2. No more malnutrition in pregnancy and early childhood: an end to the tragedy of childhood stunting.
3. All food systems sustainable - everywhere.
4. Greater opportunity for smallholder farmers - especially women - who produce most of the world's food - so that they are empowered to double their productivity and income.
5. Cut losses of food after production, stop wasting food and consume responsibly."