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Panel Three: Economic Inclusion - 3rd Thematic Discussion, UNHCR Global Compact on Refugees
18 Oct 2017 -  Panel Three: How can we enhance economic inclusion and promote livelihood
opportunities for refugees in a way that benefits host countries and communities?
Mr. Volker Türk, Assistant High Commissioner (Protection) H.E. Amb. Kadra Ahmed Hassan, Permanent Representative of Djibouti • Strategies for economic inclusion
Mr. Syed Hashemi, Senior Advisor, Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)

• Inclusion in labour markets
Ms. Maha Kattaa, Coordinator for Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, ILO

• Access to financial services
Mr. Philippe Guichandut, Head of Inclusive Finance Development, Fondation Grameen Crédit Agricole

• Improving access to markets for refugees and host communities
Mr. Hyeon-Geun Lee, Field Coordinator, Good Neighbours (Republic of Korea)
Ms. Karen Yelick, Chief Executive Officer, Indego Africa

Measures to be taken at the onset of a large movement of refugees (comprehensive refugee response framework pillar one)
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