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(13th meeting) 11th UN Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names (8-17 August 2017) - Economic and Social Council, 2017 session
16 Aug 2017 -  Special presentation on “Māori geographic naming in New Zealand, with emphasis on the Treaty of Waitangi” by Mr. Mark Dyer, Surveyor General, New Zealand
Technical Committee IV
1. Terminology in the standardization of geographical names
(E/CONF.105/124/CRP.124) [item 13]
2. Toponymic education
(E/CONF.105/66/CRP.66, E/CONF.105/67/CRP.67, E/CONF.105/127/CRP.127 and E/CONF.105/162/CRP.162) [item 16]
3. Features beyond a single sovereignty and international cooperation [item 17]
(a) Features common to two or more nations
(b) Bilateral/multilateral agreements (E/CONF.105/114/CRP.114) Plenary session
4. Reports by Governments on the situation in their countries and on the progress made in the standardization of geographical names since the Tenth Conference (for information only)
(E/CONF.105/7/CRP.7, E/CONF.105/9/CRP.9, E/CONF.105/14/CRP.14, E/CONF.105/22/CRP.22, E/CONF.105/24/CRP.24, E/CONF.105/25/CRP.25, E/CONF.105/28/CRP.28, E/CONF.105/30/CRP.30, E/CONF.105/31/CRP.31, E/CONF.105/33/CRP.33, E/CONF.105/35/CRP.35, E/CONF.105/37/CRP.37, E/CONF.105/48/CRP.48, E/CONF.105/51/CRP.51, E/CONF.105/53/CRP.53, E/CONF.105/55/CRP.55 and E/CONF.105/57/CRP.57) [item 5]
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