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(1st meeting) The 5th Annual Agrobusiness and Economic Industry Summit - Accelerating Innovation Worldwide Through Partnerships and Roadmaps
24 Jul 2019 -  Growing The Food We Need Through Innovation.
The 5th Annual Agribusiness Summit offers a common platform for deans, directors, ministers, professors, students, researchers, economists, heads of digital research, and project managers from business and industry sectors across the world to explore advancements in the agro-industry.
The Summit will place a new focus on artificial intelligence through information sharing and networking. Additionally, attendees will experience practical demonstrations, product assessments and establish new partnerships and connections.
The Summit brings together high-level government officials, global investors, companies and associations from all over the world under one umbrella. The event is set to pursue the cooperation gateway between all nations on topics such as agriculture, digital technologies, infrastructure, telecommunications, environment and health care.
The Summit plays a key role in shaping the next stage for farming, stakeholders, decision makers, industry and energy communities worldwide. Participants to the Summit 2019 are Ministers, Government Officials, delegates from public and private sectors, rural farmers, and business people from around the globe.
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