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(1st meeting) UNICEF Executive Board, Second Regular Session 2015 (8 - 10 September 2015)
8 Sep 2015 -  1st meeting

1. Opening of the session
Opening statements by the President of the Executive Board and the Executive Director [item 1]
2. Adoption of the provisional annotated agenda, timetable and organization of work (E/ICEF/2015/12) [item 2]
3. UNICEF programme cooperation [item 4]
(a) Country programme documents
The country programme documents for this session will be presented by region: Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Belarus (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.13)
Georgia (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.14)
Kazakhstan (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.15)
Serbia (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.16), and Kosovo [under Security Council resolution 1244 (1999)] (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.16/Add.1)
Tajikistan (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.17)
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.18)
Turkey (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.19)
Uzbekistan (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.20)
East Asia and the Pacific
Cambodia (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.21)
China (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.22)
Indonesia (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.23)
Malaysia (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.24)
Eastern and Southern Africa
Swaziland (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.25)
Zambia (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.26)
Latin America and Caribbean
Colombia (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.27)
El Salvador (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.28)
Panama (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.29)
Middle East and North Africa
Algeria (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.30)
South Asia
Maldives (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.31)
West and Central Africa
Guinea-Bissau (E/ICEF/2015/P/L.32)
(b) Extensions of ongoing country programmes
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