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26th meeting, Economic and Social Council: Coordination and Management Meeting (CMM) - 2016 session
1 Jun 2016 -  The Coordination and Management Meeting (CMM) is integral to ECOSOC’s coordinating role at the heart of the UN development system. Held throughout the year, the Council reviews and approves the latest reports from ECOSOC subsidiary and expert bodies in economic, social, environmental and related fields. These reports become the repository of the Council’s expertise on a wide range of issues from drugs and crime to geospatial information

Economic and environmental questions: Sustainable development (A/71/76–E/2016/55 and E/2016/33) [item 18 (a)]
Introductory statement and general discussion
Informal meeting Economic and Social Council Chamber
Presentation on the World Economic Situation and Prospects 2016 (updates as of mid-2016)
Introductory statements and interactive discussion
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