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31st Plenary, ECOSOC 2018 High-level Meeting of the Development Cooperation Forum (DCF)
22 May 2018 -  Session 6
Strengthening multi-layered review and assessment of development cooperation: what works?
Taking a cross-cutting approach, this session will draw out specific experiences in getting better results from development cooperation by strengthening monitoring and review of development cooperation and its outcomes. The session will also explore the role of regional reviews in strengthening multilayered accountability and will explore the emerging approaches adopted to assess the outcomes of South-South cooperation. It will further consider how the reviews and assessments of development cooperation have to evolve to reap the benefits of increased engagement of the private sector and citizens in development. The session will be informed by key findings emerging from the 2018 DCF Global Accountability Survey and Study exercise, which captures the state of play in effectiveness of development cooperation on the ground.

Session 7
The strategic role of development cooperation in building sustainable and resilient societies
Participants will jointly distil the key messages and concrete policy guidance emerging from the 2018 DCF. Key messages of the DCF preparatory process and the report of the Secretary-General on Trends and progress in international development cooperation will serve as background for this discussion. The session will also provide opportunity to convey key messages or questions to the ECOSOC Special Meeting, to be convened by the President of ECOSOC to take place the following day, 23 May 2018, “Towards sustainable, resilient and inclusive societies through participation of all”
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